Why should your clients brag about you to their friends?

Igor Pauletič / / Inbound Marketing

If your marketing department is asking itself how many of your customers mention you or brag about you in their social circle, you have begun thinking about why should your clients brag about you to their friends. The answer to this question is crucial for the growth of any company. In the end, when marketers clog all communication channels, recommendations will be all that is left. Genuine personal recommendations. Some companies are well aware of this today, but they are mostly focused on technical challenges, mechanics, processes to incentivize recommendations, and neglect the emotional component that is the key motivator for honest recommendations.

If it does not motivate you personally, it will hardly motivate your customers

If we disregard the communication noise and pending customer oversaturation, because everyone is doing the same things, we should question ourselves about our long-term investments. And the way forward is not a secret. Honest personal recommendations among friends and spreading good faith in your customers’ social circle is the only viable long-term strategy. But before you invite your customers to recommend you or “like” something, please think about why they should do that. What could make them want to do it? Think about what brings you to the moment when you want to recommend something to your friends.

If you cannot brag about luxury items, you won’t buy them. Click To Tweet

Are you managing envy?

Do you really believe anyone would buy a €10,000 watch if no one would notice its value? If you cannot brag about luxury items, you won’t buy them. Do you think that Akrapovič sells their exhaust systems only because they add 2 HP and make the motorbike 1 kg lighter? This is perhaps their rationalization for buying, but it is not their main motivator. There are lots of similar cases. One of our customers sells water cooling systems for PCs. Water cooling enables a much quieter computer and more efficient CPU cooling which can increase its efficiency, but it still seems that they are mostly selling designer products – like Apple. In all of these cases, customers brag about their products. No one is embarrassed because they bought their product from Akrapovič, Apple or EKWB. What would you say drives their customers to brag about these products?

Do you really believe anyone would buy a €10,000 watch if no one would notice its value? Click To Tweet

This Saturday, Miha and I took our coworkers for a visit to three winemakers in the Vipava valley –Krapež, Miška and Lepa Vida. We could call it teambuilding, but our main purpose was presenting the TreBello project which involves the three winemakers we mentioned and will eventually lead to a reservation system for culinary tourists. We heard some genuine stories from each one, tried some amazing wine and wonderful dishes. On my way home, I started thinking where and why would my coworkers invite their friends. What will they remember in the long term? The wine? The story about leaving the berries in the wine for an additional year to enrich its taste? The 200 year old wine cellar? I don’t think so. If they tell their friends anything, they will tell them about this*.

B2B is slightly different. Instead on focusing on envy, we should be thinking about fear. If you want to know what drives recommendations in the B2B segment, I recommend you to read these two short documents:

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*How many people can fit into one wine barrel (2800 liters)?