Which expectations of your customers will never change?

Igor Pauletič / / Sales

I believe that this is a very important question when you’re thinking about developing your company or products. Actually, I realized that customers only perceive something as progress if we improve or simplify the things that they don’t want to change or we enable easy access to them.

When I’m thinking about future development needs of FrodX, I always ask myself what customers expect from us today and which of those expectations will remain tomorrow, after a year or even three or five years? This way we are able to plan key guidelines for developing services that our customers will be looking for in the future and there will also be a market demand for them in the future.

There's a big difference between being willing to pay for something and actually paying for it. Click To Tweet

We need to be able to offer:

  • Inspiration for change in business development (product development and addressing buyers).
  • Help that ensures increased sales.
  • Risk management in change implementation.
  • An outside perspective.
  • Payment of services according to their measured business effects.

If we are able to satisfy these expectations by developing new products, we most probably won’t lose our existing customers. It is much more likely that we will gain new customers through recommendations.

There are hundreds of approaches to developing new products. Regardless of the desired methodology, I feel that it is necessary not to lose your perspective and common sense when planning and developing new products. I firmly believe in testing of course, but beware: forget about testing for needs that haven’t materialized yet and testing the purchase potential in customers who don’t need to actually pay for products to become actual buyers. There is a big difference between being willing to pay a hypothetical price tag for a certain product and actually paying for it. If we think about it rationally, the most important and the best foundation for development projects is the assessment of future expectations of existing customers. When you are able to determine them, you will know what optimizes your development.

Are you able to write them down?


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