What kind of a salesman would you immediately fire?

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The other day I had 45 minutes of free time between two meetings in the Zvezda cafe at the BTC shopping center. A while ago I started thinking about buying a TV for our bedroom (it seems that my wife and I have reached that point in our lives), so I decided to walk to Big Bang, our largest electronics department store chain, where I could see the offer that I had been browsing in their online store a couple of days ago.

I stopped at the TV department looking for the model that I had found interesting online. After a couple of minutes, a salesman came up to me and we started chatting.

»Hello. The size of the screen is the most important thing while looking for the right TV. If you can tell me the distance from your couch to your TV, I may be able to help you with your choice.«

That made me think. It’s so natural to talk to the buyer in the context of the product that he is currently looking at. It’s also very effective. But it seems they can only do it in person. Their websites and email campaigns do not reflect this. As if approaching customers in a way that creates a conversation is not important online.

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90% of emails in my email spam folder are of the following type: »Dear Mr. Igor Pauletič, we are offering a good deal on a new Phillips vacuum cleaner. We guarantee the lowest available price, 25% energy savings and free bags for the first year…«. It’s nice to be addressed by my name, but I am interested in TVs, so I can watch the evening news in my bedroom.

Even segmentation of recipients based on previous purchases and adapted content is mostly out of context. Knowing past purchases is crucial mostly for knowing what you probably cannot sell to a customer again. If definitely does not reveal anything useful about someone who just started their purchasing process. Can you imagine how interesting the Big Bang newsletter could be if they addressed me in the same manner as their salesmen did in the store?

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All of this is not that impossible and inaccessible for someone with a serious business. Just the opposite. Addressing the customer according to their area of interest and readiness to buy does not require a huge investment in technology and content. This is just what any skilled salesman would do by watching the customer in the store and figuring out their interests.

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