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Igor Pauletič / / Marketing Automation

Marketing digitalization brings 3 key changes. The first one must be that now everything can be measured. Not only the ads and clicks. We can measure every activity of the individual we want to address. Yes, of an individual!

The other change that digitalization brought to marketing is the possibility of personalization. If we really follow individuals, we know pretty well how to ascertain their interests, their needs, their moods and their purchase moments. Since we can figure all this out, the goal of marketing is to encourage every one of these factors. In individuals. In a digital environment.

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Marketing and sales have become inseparably connected – this is the third change. Every marketing activity will lead to sales. The success of marketing will (more or less) be measured in self-service sales and created demand.

A case that will help me explain the statement above intentionally does not focus on the internet which is the typical environment for marketing automation systems and digital marketing. Most of all because I want you to be aware of the level of digitalization today and how difficult it is to talk about omni-channel communication with customers. Let’s take a look at TV!

We have a T-2 optical connection and a T-2 television connection in our house. This is digital television, the kind that is available in most Slovenian households in 2015. The technology we use to watch TV is practically identical to the technology that we use to search for content online. Only the devices are different. A remote control is used instead of a keyboard, mouse or touch screen. We will probably soon replace it with a gesture/voice controller, but that is beside the point. The point is that T-2 knows exactly when and how we watch TV in our home and what we watch! We have an interesting pattern when it comes to watching TV. We use time shift to watch more or less all content that T2 offers us. We hardly ever watch live TV.

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Another type of information that is important for marketing is what we are watching. I am sure that basketball is at the top of our watch list, since my son watches every basketball league that is available on our 12 sports programs. Followed by typical teen shows on Fox and The Simpsons. Even I get the remote some of the time. I am only interested in news and a documentary here and there. Every now and then, we watch a movie and T-2 knows very well what kind of movies we like and when we like to watch them. They could predict who in our household watched a movie based on the time of viewing.

Do you agree that this information already makes it entirely possible for T-2 to conclude which ads will draw our attention and which do not interest us at all? Is that right? With all the technology available today, it wouldn’t be too hard to address us (and us alone!) with ads that could potentially interest us. An ad for Olimpija vs. Crvena Zvezda basketball tickets in Ljubljana would impress our son, Blaž, but wouldn’t impress an avid viewer of cooking shows. Blaž would probably even order them, if there was an “Order” button on the remote.

It’s not exactly science fiction. It is not even far from reality. In England, you can watch Formula 1 races today by selecting the desired camera on your remote. You not only decide when you want to see the race. Your remote also makes you your own director. The provider not only knows you like Formula 1, they even know which team or racer you like and which brands they advertise have grown on you. Do you still think the ad personalization and the “Order” button on your remote are that far away? In reality it is only a small step away from what we have and use already.

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The truth is they know much more about us and they could know even more. If they want to engage us even more in front of our TVs, they should be able to suggest/offer content that they predict will interest us. The more time we spend with them, the more time they will have to sell us something. Since we use the same provider for internet access, they can accumulate additional data to be even more effective when addressing us. I wouldn’t want to scare anyone, so I will not write about how that can help with their personalization and 1:1 address, since they also provide mobile and land telephony for our family.

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