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Igor Pauletič / / Inbound Marketing

Sometimes I feel that the curse of our business is that so many people feel competent to judge our work. Unlike people in many other industries, the people who work in marketing, product development and customer experience (CX) are constantly faced with opinions and “good natured” advice by others. An unbelievable number of people that observe our work has an opinion about what is good work and what isn’t. Even more than that – they somehow think they know what should be changed. If we want to accommodate our customers, we always have to find a balance between fulfilling their wishes and sticking to our own professional knowledge which can guarantee results that the same customer will expect in a while.

Authority – no disturbance for the price of total responsibility

My wife, a surgeon, never works according to her patients’ rhythm. She doesn’t have to worry about them detailing the way they want to be operated, so they feel better, even though she meets some of her patients just before the operation. It’s difficult for me to imagine the position that doctors have achieved. Even though anyone can see YouTube videos of operations, compare different surgical techniques, learn about theory and practices that Slovenian surgeons don’t even use, patients still believe in the professionalism and good nature of their surgeons. We believe that they will do their job to the best of their abilities. Without any special promises. Without tying a bonus payment to future performance. We just trust them.

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Being accommodating at the price of achieving success

Please don’t take me wrong – I’m not bothered by calls to argument our point of view and exchange opinions. I’m not bothered that we share a part of the risk with our customers and that we are partially paid according to the success of the implemented changes. But I’m bothered when we must compromise and move away from the previously accepted Customer Engagement Plan that we prepare for every customer at the beginning of our cooperation, especially if we forget to redefine responsibilities upon doing that. We are left with all the responsibility, even though accommodating our customer involved implementing changes that are not acceptable by our standards.


Managing responsibility – foundation of long-term partnership

They say experience counts. When someone asks me about the key skill that we need to perform our job, I realize that it involves managing responsibility. The success of the campaign is greatly influenced by changes, such as someone asking for a lighter shade of green, more fashionable font, reducing the tempo of the campaign, reducing the advertising investment, changing the tone of communication, quality of content, taking a break over the holidays… The customer must also be aware of this fact and accept their responsibility. If you warn them about this in time, it turns out that they are prepared to follow the Customer Engagement Plan almost in full, which guarantees results that are not far from expectations.

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