What kind of a salesman would you immediately fire?

Igor PauletičSales

The other day I had 45 minutes of free time between two meetings in the Zvezda cafe at the BTC shopping center. A while ago I started thinking about buying a TV for our bedroom (it seems that my wife and I have reached that point in our lives), so I decided to walk to Big Bang, our largest electronics … Read More

When marketing and sales forget who the customer is

Fedja HvastijaSales

Has an insurance company ever actively tried to lose you as a customer? I used to wonder whether I was just unlucky as a customer or my job conditioned me to lose my temper in situations that are considered normal in my environment. I am writing this article while pondering these questions and I hope I will find some perspective … Read More

A website for 200 €

Igor PauletičSales

Too many companies, mostly in the service industry, still believe that they do not need a website or that a web presentation containing only their contact information and a presentation of the company is enough. Yes, in 2015. I had a chance to speak to some of these managers and business owners in the last 3 weeks. Their main argument … Read More