Increase your sales without increasing your marketing budget

Matevž KadakSales

Last week, when I had a meeting at a Slovenian company, we started talking about the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is used by InstantFeedback to measure customer satisfaction, and soon a pretty typical question arose: “What can we do with our existing customers? Is there any way we could use them?” Of course I was more than happy to provide an … Read More

I do my research online and purchase offline

Darja GrabeljšekSales

It was sometime in mid-May that I started to realize it was high time I bought summer shoes for my two-year-old. My buying process started off with a bunch of questions regarding what kind of shoes should I get him. Open-toed or closed sandals? Which sandals had soft soles suitable for my little boy’s flat feet? What kind of shoes … Read More

By 2027 at the latest the Cannes Lion will go to a high-tech company

Igor PauletičMarketing Automation, Sales

Last summer, Elon Musk’s comment that “artificial intelligence is the greatest risk we face as a civilization” inspired me to read up on artificial intelligence and start thinking about it. Musk tries to describe the gravity of the situation by using several examples that I find intriguing. He thinks that the use of AI should be legally regulated. I’m afraid that … Read More

What’s better? Being one of a kind or making the most noise?

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing, Sales

In Slovenia, if someone tells you that they’re involved in digital marketing, they’re most likely talking about advertising within the Google and Facebook advertising network. They’ll also tell you that they’re specialists in website traffic analytics and that they may manage their customers’ Facebook profiles. Even if they’re doing other things as well, most likely they only stick to the … Read More

If you’re betting on intent marketing, forget about the booking sites

Hojka DrozgSales

I’m going on a short trip to Rome this weekend and so I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time browsing the Internet over the last couple of days. I’m interested in the Italian capital’s major sites, good shopping venues, and recommended trips near the city, as well as the most popular bars and restaurants where I can try the … Read More

Have you already started letting your salespeople go?

Miha BreskvarSales

The time is coming when the entire buying process will take place without sellers and buyers. When we no longer decide ourselves what we need and when, and from whom to buy it, because devices will do that for us. To be clear, by “sellers” I don’t mean providers and by “buyers” I don’t mean those with needs or desires. … Read More

Have you ever wondered why people prefer opinions to arguments?

Hojka DrozgSales

One of the first things I learned as an anthropology student was that people behave illogically and irrationally. Specifically, ever since the beginning of human existence it has been usually more important for us to make quick decisions rather than completely correct ones. Consequently, our brain developed many shortcuts for making fast and impulsive decisions. If you’re in any way … Read More

Where will artificial intelligence help marketing and sales first?

Igor PauletičSales

Despite all the clever solutions modern marketing has come up with, the comment that John Wanamaker made over a century ago still holds true—that is, that half the money spent on advertising is wasted. The only progress we’ve actually made is that now, in the digital world, we can much better determine which half hasn’t produced any results. Let’s say … Read More

Love your customers more than your products

Hojka DrozgSales

This probably rings a bell, right? A company spends several months (or years) developing a product until it finds the most original, technologically sophisticated, or advanced solution, but then when they start marketing it, they run into problems. No matter how loud they praise their R&D department’s excellent work, and no matter how much they invest in showing off their … Read More