Increase your sales without increasing your marketing budget

Matevž KadakSales

Last week, when I had a meeting at a Slovenian company, we started talking about the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is used by InstantFeedback to measure customer satisfaction, and soon a pretty typical question arose: “What can we do with our existing customers? Is there any way we could use them?” Of course I was more than happy to provide an … Read More

“We don’t need marketing. We only get new customers through customer recommendations.”

Igor PauletičSales

Customer recommendations are the only marketing tool that definitely works. Always! All other methods that companies use are definitely less effective in terms of input and yield. Unfortunately, the range of recommendations is limited to the number of (satisfied) customers. When this range is reached, we have to start using other, less effective marketing approaches—whether we like it or not—to … Read More