You don’t have to be the cheapest if you’re the best

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing, Sales

A while ago I posted the article titled What beats the lowest price? on our Slovene blog, which probably attracted quite an audience based on the title alone. When I started analyzing the readers, I found out they primarily consisted of people that are in some way or another involved in sales and are responsible for sales results. This post … Read More

Our children will all be gamers, all the time

Miha BreskvarSales

I say “children” only because we—their parents and grandparents—are more reserved, afraid, or cautious than our children. Even though we may not admit it, the fact is that we’re already sharing information on our environment and ourselves with many others who use it to their advantage. The fact is also that in the future there’ll be significantly more of this … Read More

»Hello Barbie« – digitalizing a traditional product to provide opportunities for new (subscription) services

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing

Digitalization or digital transformation (if you prefer) is one of the key generators of current economic progress (as well as social development). When I try to explain it to our customers, I try to narrow it down to concrete examples. This is the only simple and understandable way to explain it that will fascinate them and lead them to taking … Read More

Who is a threat to your business?

Igor PauletičSales

Right now Volkswagen must deal with the consequences of the recently discovered scandal while the automotive world keeps moving on. The future of mobility is most definitely electric. I am sure most new cars will be electric sooner than in 10 years. I also believe that we’ll have driverless cars sooner than in 10 years – in Europe as well. … Read More