What marketing lessons can we learn from silent movies?

Jerneja FaletičInbound Marketing

  Last weekend, I went to a movie theatre to watch a silent movie. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one. It was the German black and white classic – Pandora’s box – the charming Louise Brooks was playing the seductive Lulu. I was sitting in my chair, and enjoying the live piano score. Yet after only a … Read More

3 most common mistakes of sales websites

Jerneja FaletičInbound Marketing, Marketing Automation

This post offers some practical advice on a topic that we’ve covered multiple times. It’s one of the most important aspects of customer relations, yet we find bad practices over and over again. Content marketing is all the rage right now and everyone wants to do it, and this is reflected in its quality. Like any other thing, we must … Read More

A whole other world exists. Will you find your way in it?

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing

While a part of the Slovenian business public is certain that they’ve reached the pinnacle of content marketing by printing and sending their magazine to their customers twice a year, digital economy is approaching a great new turnaround. In 2011 Google’s ZMOT research negated the long standing theory about the importance of the first contact of the consumer with the … Read More

Why haven’t I called you yet?

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing, Marketing Automation

I’ve been haunted by a salesman for the last 5 weeks. He keeps calling me on the phone, sending text messages and emails. He didn’t come knocking on my doors yet, but he’s been persistent about it. This seems to be his goal since he believes that he only needs an hour of my attention to show me something that … Read More

You have a useful quality product. Why don’t customers buy it?

Fedja HvastijaInbound Marketing

If your answer is “because of the price”, you are making a dangerous mistake. To understand the patterns of decision making, we have to dig into human nature. We have already established that we rely on the “primitive” parts of our brain which controls emotions when making decisions, rather than on our cerebral cortex (which supports our analysis and rational … Read More

Sometimes an outside view is needed

Igor PauletičMarketing Automation

I spent the last weekend in Bovec with my son. We were there for his golf tournament, so naturally, we arrived a day early to play a practice round. After we played our game, we had a drink at the clubhouse, where we joined a group of locals who had a few glasses already. We started talking, and I was … Read More

At FrodX, we disqualify 75% of our leads

Fedja HvastijaInbound Marketing

A couple of months ago, I had a talk with my boss regarding marketing success measurement. We were trying to figure out how to measure success in marketing and how to define whether my paycheck should be doubled or cut in half. An absurd situation in a company where EVERYTHING is measured in marketing. The organization knows everything about their … Read More