What’s better? Being one of a kind or making the most noise?

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing, Sales

In Slovenia, if someone tells you that they’re involved in digital marketing, they’re most likely talking about advertising within the Google and Facebook advertising network. They’ll also tell you that they’re specialists in website traffic analytics and that they may manage their customers’ Facebook profiles. Even if they’re doing other things as well, most likely they only stick to the … Read More

If you’re betting on intent marketing, forget about the booking sites

Hojka DrozgSales

I’m going on a short trip to Rome this weekend and so I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time browsing the Internet over the last couple of days. I’m interested in the Italian capital’s major sites, good shopping venues, and recommended trips near the city, as well as the most popular bars and restaurants where I can try the … Read More

Have you already started letting your salespeople go?

Miha BreskvarSales

The time is coming when the entire buying process will take place without sellers and buyers. When we no longer decide ourselves what we need and when, and from whom to buy it, because devices will do that for us. To be clear, by “sellers” I don’t mean providers and by “buyers” I don’t mean those with needs or desires. … Read More

You don’t have to be the cheapest if you’re the best

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing, Sales

A while ago I posted the article titled What beats the lowest price? on our Slovene blog, which probably attracted quite an audience based on the title alone. When I started analyzing the readers, I found out they primarily consisted of people that are in some way or another involved in sales and are responsible for sales results. This post … Read More

One of sales personnel’s biggest illusions is that they can sell me their product or service any time. Even when I’m not thinking about buying anything at all.

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing, Sales

In reality, this is really a problem of the marketing staff (not sales personnel!) and hence the key reason why in the majority of companies marketing and sales, as business functions, continue to remain unconnected (in procedural terms). Give me three minutes to explain this thesis … To increase growth, you’ll have to fill in the gap between promotion (advertising) … Read More

Generation Z’s Hula-Hoop

Tomaž LukmanInbound Marketing, Sales

Surely you didn’t think that here at the FrodX blog we’d ignore the toy that’s taken over the world in just a few months? Last year we were hunting Pokémons, but today, with its successor in my hands, I’m spinning the marvel that’s spread through schools, playgrounds, and offices faster than any childhood epidemic. Nobody had ever heard of them, … Read More

What is Mercedes-Benz doing to attract younger customers?

Mojca JagodicInbound Marketing, Sales

Do you think this ad is appropriate for their target audience? If you picture a typical buyer, climbing out of the car with his beer belly bulging under his ironed shirt, you will agree that this ad is completely off-target. An average Mercedes buyer is fifty-seven years old, whereas this particular ad targets kids, who sometimes can’t even afford to … Read More

Planica is bigger than Triglav

Tomaž LukmanInbound Marketing, Sales

You’re reading this after the three-day extravaganza in the Planica Valley has already ended, but I actually wrote it while the excitement before the ski flying weekend finale was reaching its climax. This is practically like a national holiday for Slovenians and includes all the activities that go with it. Luckily, there were no major incidents. So now it’s safe … Read More

How to choose the ideal clients to call

Darja GrabeljšekInbound Marketing, Sales

If you do phone sales and your salary doesn’t depend on your performance, you ought to call up my boyfriend David. He’s your ideal customer. David is friendly, doesn’t interrupt you, and always promises he’ll think about it. Even when you make a follow-up call, he’ll be just as friendly, even though he’ll probably admit he hasn’t thought about it … Read More