Copying from the competition, yet you think you can beat them?

Igor PauletičSales

I’ve spent my last week sailing. Call it a vacation. But there’s no stopping a restless spirit. I offered some advice to a local restaurant proprietor on an island where we spent the night. I have a story that might inspire you. I’ve been visiting the same island for at least 15 years. Same marina, same (only) dock. Not much … Read More

Satisfied customers will keep your business trouble-free – delighted ones will bring you new business

Igor PauletičSales

The last couple of days, I’ve been playing with the settings of my web browser. I wanted to see what the Internet would look like without adds and without leaving any leads for content providers and website administrators. It’s quite an interesting experience. Since I mostly watch time-shifted TV and I’m not subscribed to any printed publications, I have managed … Read More

Why did I decide to cut my Sava Hotels loyalty card in half?

Igor PauletičCRM, Sales

I carry 9 plastic cards at any time in my wallet: my ID card, health insurance card, personal bank debit card, and bank cards for FrodX and Povej šefu (both companies I’m CEO of), Mercator Pika loyalty card, the yearly Golf club Bled membership card and two more loyalty cards. The first by Cool House and the second by Sava … Read More

What kind of a salesman would you immediately fire?

Igor PauletičSales

The other day I had 45 minutes of free time between two meetings in the Zvezda cafe at the BTC shopping center. A while ago I started thinking about buying a TV for our bedroom (it seems that my wife and I have reached that point in our lives), so I decided to walk to Big Bang, our largest electronics … Read More

No one cares about you!

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing

3 things bother me on FrodX’s website: You cannot figure out what FrodX is doing in 2 seconds.  It generates way too many DIY leads (these do not have potential – they only learn how to do something themselves). 4 out of 5 challenges we receive are sent by people who don’t really want our services or cannot afford them. … Read More

Sometimes an outside view is needed

Igor PauletičMarketing Automation

I spent the last weekend in Bovec with my son. We were there for his golf tournament, so naturally, we arrived a day early to play a practice round. After we played our game, we had a drink at the clubhouse, where we joined a group of locals who had a few glasses already. We started talking, and I was … Read More

A website for 200 €

Igor PauletičSales

Too many companies, mostly in the service industry, still believe that they do not need a website or that a web presentation containing only their contact information and a presentation of the company is enough. Yes, in 2015. I had a chance to speak to some of these managers and business owners in the last 3 weeks. Their main argument … Read More