Digitization Killed the Marketing You Used to Be Good At

Igor PauletičSales

Product More than one hundred years ago, Henry Ford introduced the first conveyor belt assembly line for his Model T. Before that cars were a pretty rare and expensive product that only the richest people could afford. Through lower production costs resulting from the introduction of a conveyor belt, in 1925 Ford managed to decrease car production costs to USD … Read More

Technology is Slowly but Surely Winning the Battle for Customers

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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing that, every time I get in my car, my cell phone reports my destination, along with the expected time of arrival and the density of traffic on the way. I didn’t really pay much attention to it until I realized that the destination pops up even when I haven’t entered it in … Read More

Are you just meeting yesterday’s needs or developing new customer habits?

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The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that “great” things are only possible if you develop a new customer or user habit. If you focus your development efforts only on meeting an already familiar customer need in an already familiar way, you’re far from creating a global business megahit. Basically all your options rely more or less … Read More

Digital Transformation isn’t what you think it is, part 2

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My last post, “Digital transformation isn’t what you think it is,” has been met with exceptional response. I took that as a hint that I need to write more about marketing and sales technology and the opportunities for new business models that new technologies offer, and to keep publishing stories about digitalization in practice. So, this is the start of … Read More

Digital Transformation isn’t what you think it is

Igor PauletičSales

Let’s face it: most providers that develop software, sell servers or disc arrays, or offer web design services are not able to actually help you digitally transform your business. In most cases, these are actually just traditional IT service providers promoting themselves by riding on a wave of current hype. Digital transformation entails much more than just digitalizing a process … Read More

Harley Davidson doesn’t actually sell bikes

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A few days ago, a high-profile international corporation informed us that it had selected us to work with them. We competed in a tender, which is usually a very poor starting point for us to win new deals, but we sealed this one anyway. I couldn’t wait to share this excellent news with a good friend of mine, who didn’t … Read More

How I used a story to show my client why they need social listening

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In business (as well as our everyday lives) we can always find three types of people: Those who aren’t afraid of technological advances and changes, who know how to adapt to them and use them to their advantage; Those who stand firmly behind their view that the technologies that are permeating our lives are harmful (to something, anyway); Those who … Read More

What problems does CRM solve and what problems are you looking to solve?

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It’s part of human nature that we prefer to tackle something that is familiar, seemingly manageable, and comprehensible, rather than something that may be the actual problem that needs to be solved in a given situation. Even though we’re aware that we’re not solving the actual problem, most people tend to be risk-averse and prefer to put their energy into … Read More

Why aren’t you brave enough to stop using (digital) marketing that doesn’t yield any relevant sales results?

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Have you ever heard a salesperson say he closed a deal thanks to his company’s fantastic marketing? Neither have I. Unfortunately, marketing gets a medal only for deals that are closed entirely over digital channels, without any mediation by the sales staff. In all other cases, “everything is done” by the sales personnel. Without them . . . well, when … Read More