If you’re betting on intent marketing, forget about the booking sites

Hojka DrozgSales

I’m going on a short trip to Rome this weekend and so I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time browsing the Internet over the last couple of days. I’m interested in the Italian capital’s major sites, good shopping venues, and recommended trips near the city, as well as the most popular bars and restaurants where I can try the … Read More

Have you ever wondered why people prefer opinions to arguments?

Hojka DrozgSales

One of the first things I learned as an anthropology student was that people behave illogically and irrationally. Specifically, ever since the beginning of human existence it has been usually more important for us to make quick decisions rather than completely correct ones. Consequently, our brain developed many shortcuts for making fast and impulsive decisions. If you’re in any way … Read More

Love your customers more than your products

Hojka DrozgSales

This probably rings a bell, right? A company spends several months (or years) developing a product until it finds the most original, technologically sophisticated, or advanced solution, but then when they start marketing it, they run into problems. No matter how loud they praise their R&D department’s excellent work, and no matter how much they invest in showing off their … Read More

Do all female shoppers really want to have their bra size measured?

Hojka DrozgSales

All of the women that have ever had the chance to visit a Victoria’s Secret store know the true meaning of customer service par excellence. An attentive shop assistant, a fitting room the size of a small studio apartment, a sofa for men right by the fitting rooms where all the husbands, boyfriends, and friends can wait and use the … Read More

That day I noticed that I read differently

Hojka DrozgInbound Marketing

My life is full of lessons I more or less always pay for dearly. The last one was: Don’t eat Christmas cookies in April. You can imagine that it was priceless. The one before that happened at work. It hit me like a cold shower and came with an extra “duh” on top. What am I talking about? That today’s … Read More