I do my research online and purchase offline

Darja GrabeljšekSales

It was sometime in mid-May that I started to realize it was high time I bought summer shoes for my two-year-old. My buying process started off with a bunch of questions regarding what kind of shoes should I get him. Open-toed or closed sandals? Which sandals had soft soles suitable for my little boy’s flat feet? What kind of shoes … Read More

How to choose the ideal clients to call

Darja GrabeljšekInbound Marketing, Sales

If you do phone sales and your salary doesn’t depend on your performance, you ought to call up my boyfriend David. He’s your ideal customer. David is friendly, doesn’t interrupt you, and always promises he’ll think about it. Even when you make a follow-up call, he’ll be just as friendly, even though he’ll probably admit he hasn’t thought about it … Read More

How can we reach consumers during “micro-moments”?

Darja GrabeljšekInbound Marketing

Micro-moments determine an increasing number of life decisions these days. Even a few years ago we were still talking about in-depth decision-making processes and paths to purchase, whereas today the customer’s path from the moment a purchase need arises to the actual purchase is increasingly more variegated. Can you recall the days when you had to keep a bunch of … Read More