Increase your sales without increasing your marketing budget

Matevž KadakSales

Last week, when I had a meeting at a Slovenian company, we started talking about the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is used by InstantFeedback to measure customer satisfaction, and soon a pretty typical question arose: “What can we do with our existing customers? Is there any way we could use them?” Of course I was more than happy to provide an … Read More

Insanity according to Einstein

Miha BreskvarSales

Sometimes it seems that in some areas everyone just keeps doing things the same old way. But, as Albert Einstein put it: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” A good friend of mine decided to start a new, nautical project: building boats. Most boat manufacturers, especially boutique producers, understand that uniqueness is … Read More

Do all female shoppers really want to have their bra size measured?

Hojka DrozgSales

All of the women that have ever had the chance to visit a Victoria’s Secret store know the true meaning of customer service par excellence. An attentive shop assistant, a fitting room the size of a small studio apartment, a sofa for men right by the fitting rooms where all the husbands, boyfriends, and friends can wait and use the … Read More

Peter Prevc finished in just fifth place

Igor PauletičSales

While Slovenian skier Žan Kranjec was excellent with his 16th place finish in Friday’s giant slalom under Vitranc two weeks ago, the same public viewed Slovenian ski jumper Peter Prevc’s performance in World cup ski jumping in Wisla as being just 5th. Last week, Miha and I ordered food delivery to our office twice. Both times we had to wait … Read More

Who will take care of your customers tomorrow?

Igor PauletičSales

I keep reading that intelligent processes will replace automated processes. On the other hand, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are striving to become Customer Engagement systems. Consumers (and business buyers) are increasingly well-informed and only acknowledge marketing that helps us, not marketing that yells the loudest. We are becoming aware of our changed buying habits and the fact that salespeople … Read More

Your customers are people, not focus groups

Jerneja FaletičSales

It just so happened that my boyfriend and I had to deal with our mobile and internet service providers in the same week. I had a great experience with my provider while he was horrified by his. The crucial difference between our stories? Knowing the customer and their attitude. Anyone who knows me can tell you I cannot handle being … Read More

Which expectations of your customers will never change?

Igor PauletičSales

I believe that this is a very important question when you’re thinking about developing your company or products. Actually, I realized that customers only perceive something as progress if we improve or simplify the things that they don’t want to change or we enable easy access to them. When I’m thinking about future development needs of FrodX, I always ask … Read More

12 minutes and 13 seconds of happiness in the no. 1 Slovenian network

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing, Sales

This posts reflects my experience as a business user of Telekom Slovenije mobile phone services exactly 21 days ago and is not a knee-jerk reaction.   It’s dangerous to give ultimate promises to the market. A promise to customers sets a level of expectation and realizing those expectations is crucial for customer satisfaction. If marketing promises more than can be … Read More