Digital Transformation isn’t what you think it is, part 2

Igor PauletičSales

My last post, “Digital transformation isn’t what you think it is,” has been met with exceptional response. I took that as a hint that I need to write more about marketing and sales technology and the opportunities for new business models that new technologies offer, and to keep publishing stories about digitalization in practice. So, this is the start of … Read More

Digital Transformation isn’t what you think it is

Igor PauletičSales

Let’s face it: most providers that develop software, sell servers or disc arrays, or offer web design services are not able to actually help you digitally transform your business. In most cases, these are actually just traditional IT service providers promoting themselves by riding on a wave of current hype. Digital transformation entails much more than just digitalizing a process … Read More

How to choose the ideal clients to call

Darja GrabeljšekInbound Marketing, Sales

If you do phone sales and your salary doesn’t depend on your performance, you ought to call up my boyfriend David. He’s your ideal customer. David is friendly, doesn’t interrupt you, and always promises he’ll think about it. Even when you make a follow-up call, he’ll be just as friendly, even though he’ll probably admit he hasn’t thought about it … Read More

Harley Davidson doesn’t actually sell bikes

Igor PauletičSales

A few days ago, a high-profile international corporation informed us that it had selected us to work with them. We competed in a tender, which is usually a very poor starting point for us to win new deals, but we sealed this one anyway. I couldn’t wait to share this excellent news with a good friend of mine, who didn’t … Read More

You can’t tell me tall tales

Fedja HvastijaInbound Marketing

A week ago I attended a workshop on telling fairytales. When I mentioned this to my coworkers, they laughed at me a bit and then asked, in jest, if I’d learned anything “useful.” Because I answered “Of course,” mostly as a joke I promised them a “report.” When I started putting the elements in my head into the context of … Read More

You won’t sell more just because you’re cute

Miha BreskvarSales

Three weeks ago I was hired by a new client. To give you an idea of what kind of consulting duties I was entrusted with, I have to tell you that my new employer was my three kids and a few of their friends from the campground. It all started on Saturday, when they spent the entire day painting rocks … Read More

How I used a story to show my client why they need social listening

Igor PauletičSales

In business (as well as our everyday lives) we can always find three types of people: Those who aren’t afraid of technological advances and changes, who know how to adapt to them and use them to their advantage; Those who stand firmly behind their view that the technologies that are permeating our lives are harmful (to something, anyway); Those who … Read More