Once you reach a wider audience, but you still want to provide customized content for individual customers based on the stage of the buying decision process they’re at, you can no longer do this manually. You have to generate leads using a mechanism that structurally distributes and analyzes content. If you’re good at this, you’ll identify your leads significantly sooner than they make a purchase decision, which means you can warm them up until they’re sales ready. Once they’re ready to talk to your sales staff, your team should be immediately informed of that and have access to all information on the relevant lead.

Marketing automation was developed precisely to help you understand what specific lead actions mean. This allows you to respond and adapt your communication with prospects or inform your sales staff of a critical moment in the buying decision process.

You can’t do this manually

FrodX uses marketing automation to manage its own marketing activities and is also the leading developer of automated marketing mechanisms for the largest business systems in central and eastern Europe. We can help you carry out the technical side of marketing by selecting, implementing, adapting, and providing support for numerous marketing automation platforms and leading CRM solutions, including integration between various platforms. We have extensive experience in developing systems for creating and warming up prospects, and for quite some time now, we have also been focusing on developing consistency between marketing and sales. Our proposals are based on best-practice examples and proven approaches, but we can’t guarantee all of this will also work with your customers. We rely on our extensive experience that shows what has worked (or hasn’t worked) with other projects. Our commitment to continuous testing and optimization ensures constant improvements and learning in relation to marketing automation, which provides a better return on investment in marketing.

Generating leads

New leads don’t care about you.

Generating leads is the simplest and at the same time the most difficult part of marketing automation. It’s not extremely hard, but you need a story and a relationship to engage leads that are already close to making a purchase. People feel better if they work with someone they know or trust: you need to have honest communication with your leads to build trust.

You can’t close a deal if you can’t communicate with your prospect. If you want to convert an increased number of visitors to your website into leads with whom you can establish a two-way rather than just one-way communication, you need to change how your website functions. High-quality content documents, guides, and case studies must be placed on user-friendly landing pages with progressive forms and powerful calls to actions. . If you want to achieve anything, you have to offer concrete value to your visitors in return for their e-mails addresses.

New leads don’t care about you

Trust isn’t built over night. You can’t count on one-off visitors to keep coming back for more. If you want to establish regular communication with them and educate them, you have to remind them of that through e-mails, remarketing, and ads, whereby e-mails are by far the cheapest and most effective approach. Once your leads return to your website, download your content, and sign up for events, they’ll probably leave more than just their personal data behind. Now you know what they’re interested in, what content they’ll be coming back for, and what problems they want to solve. Instead of looking at their previous downloads and guessing what they might be interested in, this information shows you what problems they’re currently dealing with.

Warming up leads

Be in step with your lead’s buying decision process.

Buying decision processes only seem simple and short if you join in when everything’s already nearly finished. How long does a lead’s buying decision process really take? How many weeks or months does he research his problems before turning to you for help? Studies show that an average buyer reviews approximately ten sources before talking to a sales rep. He will start the conversation once he knows all the pros and cons, has looked at multiple sources, and trusts you to help him solve his problem.

We can help you set up work processes for warming up leads that provide the right content through the right channels and deliver it to individual leads in time. We’ll help you educate your leads, maintain their interest, and create the trust they need to get in touch with your sales reps.

Be in step with your lead’s buying decision process

Generating new leads is an important first step, but warming them up through connected and useful content is what distinguishes market leaders from the rest. We can help you develop and continually optimize your lead warm-up activities, so you can focus your sales strengths on the leads that are close to being sales ready. The leads that are not yet ready to receive a phone call from your sales department remain in your marketing funnel and automatically receive useful information until they get to know you and trust you enough to choose you as their provider.


One step ahead of the competition.

Back in the good old days the sales staff called every contact that showed even the faintest interest in your company’s services. If you have a suitable marketing strategy in place, this simply isn’t acceptable anymore. There are too many loosely defined leads in the funnel and most of them are not ready to talk about making a purchase yet, so your team has to know who is coming close to making a purchase decision and when. Once the leads are ready to talk to the sales reps, they turn to more than one provider. If you miss this chance, you may never get a second one. Therefore, your sales team must receive real-time alerts when the leads are behaving like they’re thinking about making a purchase.

One step ahead of the competition

We help you set up alert systems that inform your sales staff immediately (by e-mail or through a task in a CRM system like the Microsoft CRM,, Sugar CRM, and so on) when a lead is sales ready or ready to talk about the sales conditions with a sales rep. Responding to this need before your competition allows you to form the basis for customer expectations and define rules for closing the deal.