In the digital era it’s increasingly difficult to sell to customers, so it’s best to offer them help in making a purchase. If you want to gain their attention and retain it long enough to influence them, you need to offer them useful content that brings them closer to solving their problem. When they’ve collected 75% of the information they need, they’ll start thinking about who they can trust to understand their problem and provide solutions for it.

Useful and attractive content is crucial to inbound marketing. With our help you’ll be able to select useful and expert information from your existing content, which you can later use to build a wide range of attractive content that will draw in your leads. A continuous inflow of fresh content from several channels helps you educate your customers, present yourself as an authority in the selected area, and create traffic in the most relevant demographic: people who have problems and want to solve them.

You provide the expertise, we provide the story

We’ll collect your existing content and present it in the form of information that attracts, educates, and convinces your leads. If customers don’t buy your products or services impulsively (like buying sweets at the checkout), they need to receive information on them before they start talking to the sales rep. They can get this information from you or your competition. Our team of experienced marketing strategy specialists and content designers will help you fill the identified gaps with new content. In addition, they’ll teach your employees how to identify and collect stories that will also be interesting in the future.

Effective content (the type that attracts new prospects by helping them solve their current problems and warming them up to the point of a sales opportunity) is the crucial part of your marketing process. You can’t influence your customers with low-quality messages, regardless of how much time and money you spend on promoting them.

Creating content

A method, not a science.

Your content must be useful, but it certainly doesn’t hurt for it to be interesting as well. Even though you’re an expert in your area, this doesn’t mean you’re better at providing a simple explanation of why others should also be interested in your products or services. We know it’s hard for you to ignore all your detailed expertise about your products and their past use. But if you want to attract customers, your content must focus on the simplest possible explanations your customers need. That’s why we try really hard to act as your counterweight and help you place your customers at the center of our stories, with which we try to solve their problems, answer their questions, and also entertain them whenever possible.

This procedure requires lots of time, experience, and cooperation. It also requires your technical expertise, which is why our team will need your help in creating the content in order to understand your story down to the last detail. When your specialist knowledge is presented in an interesting way, you (and your customers) will look at your company through completely different eyes.

A method, not hard science.

We’re not a creative agency, but results-motivated business consultants that also include a few creative individuals. That is how we can help you create a library of materials that attract attention and warm up your leads until they are sales ready.

    • We polish your outdated technical documentation and make it more reader-friendly.

    • We fill in the missing parts, making sure to include all the buying decision process stages.

    • We measure the effects of the entire content provided. If an article doesn’t have the desired effects, we know we need to fix it before others notice that as well.

Selecting content

Share what you know and borrow from the best.

You don’t have to create all the content from scratch, though. Lots of material you can use for marketing is already available at your company. It keeps piling up in your sales department’s mailboxes, customer support practice examples, reports, and in the heads of your employees who deal with customers. A great deal of suitable content is also available outside the company. Analysts, innovators, and specialists in this area are creating content that has many readers. You can help your potential and current customers find this type of content. Sharing content isn’t reserved for social media only: you can also use content from external sources to warm up your leads at the upper and middle stage of your sales funnel.

Share what you know and borrow from the best.

What started out as simple content sharing on social media has now spread to numerous communication channels. From blogs and e-mail campaigns to native ads and social media campaigns, marketing content has become a strategic source that you can share. How to choose the right platform for establishing contacts with your audience? How to structure and deliver content so that it ideally matches the prospect’s current stage in their buying decision process and provides answers to the questions they pose today?

The world has become pretty complicated. We help you select the content, channels, and tools, so you can fulfill the most important marketing requirement of the internet era—that is, create consistent, frequent, and targeted content that facilitates your leads’ flow through the sales funnel.

Promoting content

A combination of paid, owned, and earned media channels.

It’s time to present your content to your leads. Developing an up-to-date website and posting educational and generally useful content is a good start, but this won’t affect your business unless you tell people where they can find it. Good content and search engine optimization will of course have some impact in and of themselves, but the content provider market is highly competitive. Thousands of companies are already addressing the problems you’re trying to solve yourself. FrodX helps you structure, launch, test, and optimize your paid content promotion and digital advertising. In addition, we can help you ensure consistency in providing content on social media and social media advertising.

A combination of paid, owned, and earned media channels

Our advertising and social media advisors can help you deliver your content to your leads via several channels. Their detailed understanding of your customers’ buyer personas, the problems they face, and how your products and services can help them solve these problems ensures that your paid presence and social media presence are only an extension of your wider marketing strategy.

You should also develop communities of purpose and encourage them to post their own content, not only as a one-way communication with the brand, but with an additional community touch. With this you’ll much more likely attract new leads into your marketing and sales funnels. Of course you can only manage activities that you can measure, so all content provision activities are supported with constant measurements of key performance indicators, daily testing, and improvements.