Customer reference

Customer references are by far the most effective method for generating leads. Referred customers already trust you to a certain degree and better understand what you have to offer and what they can expect. We’ll help you identify your most satisfied customers and offer them a simple way to recommend you to their friends and colleagues. In addition, we’ll help you set up an awards system that additionally motivates customers to submit a review. We’ll implement the technologies and processes that will help you maintain this system on a daily basis and allow you to exploit all the potential of customer references.

Nobody can help your business more than satisfied customers. The only thing better than a customer reference is lots of customer references. But you need to bear in mind that even your most loyal customers are very busy focusing on their own business, not yours. Every strategic approach to reference management must focus on the following two activities:

• Measuring customer satisfaction and

• Encouraging customers to make references.

Don’t be shy: there’s nothing wrong with requesting references from your customers. We can help you identify satisfied customers and develop segments that will most likely recommend you to friends and colleagues.

It rarely happens by itself

Once you make a customer happy or receive a good review, it’s important to offer these customers a simple way of making a reference. Imagine that your favorite brand requested that you call a friend and describe your good experience to him. You’d never do that. You need to use timely, targeted, and sufficiently simple mechanisms that everyone can use. When a reference is just a click away, it’s much more likely we’ll actually submit it.

Customer engagement

Collect feedback.

Customers are the most important for your business. If you show a consistent interest in their problems (in marketing, sales, customer support, or any other contact point), they’ll stay your biggest supporters. We can help you improve your customer engagement programs that will ensure that customers always come first. This will allow you to set up a system that regularly encourages your most loyal customers to leave a review. Many customers only begin to realize how satisfied they actually are with you once you ask them about it.

Collect feedback

Provide the simplest possible way for your customers to send feedback or suggestions for improvements. We can help you set up, manage, and expand online customer communities that improve your brand’s publicity and promote loyalty by promoting customer engagement. Some customers that have bought your products identify themselves as the type of customers that won’t accept anything less than what you have to offer. In addition to lost opportunities, these customers are the most valuable source of feedback that allows you to better satisfy their needs.

Customer reference programs

Present your customers’ success stories.

One recommendation is worth more than a hundred statements you make about your own products or services. Recommendations come in more forms than we realize because people talk about your solutions online or privately with their friends and colleagues. The problem is that only a small part of your most satisfied customers randomly find themselves in a conversation in which they remember to tell others about how they appreciate your work.

That’s why we’ve set up customer reference programs that will stimulate references. We can examine your current customer services and communication procedures and ensure you effectively convert customer satisfaction into useful content. We help you set up customer satisfaction surveys, so you can identify your most satisfied customers. Then you can use our customer reference system and ask these customers to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Present your customers’ success stories

In addition to individual recommendations, your company also needs a constant inflow of quotes, case studies, and customer presentations. We’ll help you find a way so you won’t have to ask for them. This will allow you to receive feedback from your customers and structure your references so they provide not only a positive, but also fair picture of your company’s successes.