Satisfied customers will keep your business trouble-free – delighted ones will bring you new business

Igor Pauletič / / Sales

The last couple of days, I’ve been playing with the settings of my web browser. I wanted to see what the Internet would look like without adds and without leaving any leads for content providers and website administrators. It’s quite an interesting experience. Since I mostly watch time-shifted TV and I’m not subscribed to any printed publications, I have managed to more or less successfully isolate myself from advertising. Since I managed to live in a world without ads, I was wondering – could my business survive in a place like that?

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What promotion tools are left in an add-free world?

I have found that only promotional messages that were customized for me reached me during these couple of days. They have reached me only through two channels. Directly from the providers that have my contact information and keep developing their relationship with me through continued (smart) communication. Usually over email, as is the case with most of you that received my email invitation to read this post.

The other channel was some rather enthusiastic promotion by my friend Boštjan, who became an extremely delighted customer of a ceramic grill company. He was very excited over the new acquisition in his garden and invited our family for smoked ribs. And they were really great. The enthusiasm of the grill master surely added to the experience. Finally he could try whether the promises of this brand were true – after all he spent more for this grill than an average family spends on their vacation. Boštjan was the star of the afternoon. None of us have ever made ribs like these.

Delighted customers bring new buyers

Of course, we started talking about other uses for the grill and concluded that we must try to grill a T-bone steak on it. This was the calling card for me and my butcher. Since the aging process for this beef takes at least 3 weeks, I always have some of it at home. I gave three pieces to Boštjan who sent me pictures of grilled meat that same evening, singing praises to my T-bone steaks. The meat was sublime.

He stopped by my house that same week and took my entire supply of meat, so he could invite some more friends over that weekend, and I ordered another batch of meet for the both of us from my butcher. And so, Boštjan became a new customer of the Snedic butcher’s shop. He is prepared to drive 40 km and wait 3 or even 4 weeks for good beef. He will probably recommend it to other people as well.

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Can your business survive without advertising?

It would be utopic to think about a world without advertising of course, but advertising in the current extent has nearly the same impact, since it’s too intense and often discarded as noise. Delighted customers today are genuine ambassadors for your business and a key element of your business development.

Delighted customers are your genuine ambassadors and a key element of your business development. Click To Tweet

The importance of recommendations by delighted (not only satisfied!) customers is becoming more and more important. It is no coincidence that marketing departments of companies who are focused on development are focusing on impressing existing customers which will in turn motivate them to spread the word about their brand. I will therefore be very grateful if you could share this blog on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or recommend it to your friends in another way.

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