The fall of CRM and the rise of smart sales tools

CRM is no longer enough: for a comprehensive insight into customer relationships it needs to be combined with other smart tools.

Businesses have introduced CRM systems in order to gather in one place all the contact information of a specific customer, data on the customer’s financial situation, all customer-related documents, and an overview of all of the communication or interaction they’ve had with this customer.

Today this is no longer enough if you want to gain a comprehensive insight into your relationship with customers, what their interests are like, and what stage of the buying decision process they are currently at.

To this end we have prepared a manual explaining:

  • What functionalities CRM providers have already added to the basic ones and why every business should have and use them (regardless of the industry);
  • What smart tools and systems should be combined with CRM, so you can know for sure when your customer is ready to make a purchase;
  • How to use smart tools in order to personalize individual customers’ buying experience and warm them up to make a purchase.