Integrating marketing and sales functions is a foundation for successful business development!

Learn how to combine sales and marketing, and increase your chances for closing a deal.

The main reason for the disconnect between marketing and sales is very simple: neither tend to take enough time to realize that their final goals are interrelated. Rather than working together and thus reaching shared goals faster, sales and marketing personnel (all too) often fight and try to blame each other for decreases in closed deals.

Marketing and sales process integration is the foundation of successful business development. This is no longer merely something to pay lip service to, but a necessity.

What will you get out of reading the manual?

This manual will help you set up a comprehensive business development model that will enable you to:

  • Better understand how your marketing and sales goals and operations could be combined into a well-rounded whole;
  • Improve your knowledge of how to measure the effects of combining marketing and sales processes.