No one cares about you!

Igor Pauletič / / Inbound Marketing

3 things bother me on FrodX’s website:

  1. You cannot figure out what FrodX is doing in 2 seconds. 
  2. It generates way too many DIY leads (these do not have potential – they only learn how to do something themselves).
  3. 4 out of 5 challenges we receive are sent by people who don’t really want our services or cannot afford them.

Item 1 is actually my biggest problem. Maybe not so much because the visitor needs to delve deeper to begin our cooperation, but because my wife and kids cannot explain what I’m doing. If anyone asks them, they say I am an entrepreneur.

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My idea for fixing the first problem of FrodX’s website was quite simple: use one sentence in the slider on the home page to explain what we’re doing. I suggested to Fedja and Jerneja that we should replace the current one “Adapt your business to the changed buying behavior of your customers!” with one that would be a common denominator of our services and solutions and a result of our work: “We help you adapt your marketing and sales to the changed buying behavior of your customers!”.

This “small” change seemed like a really great idea. Everyone understands it. This solves all 3 problems in a way. But Fedja quickly said that we won’t be doing that.

“You forgot about the rule we repeat all the time – No one cares about you. What about your rules on what to write and what not to write?”

The buyer is only interested in content connected to the problem s/he wants to solve

Damn it, he’s right. People only care about their own problems and solutions for them. You just annoy them by talking about yourself. If a company selling mattresses publishes their vision, goals and values on the website and an address by the executive director, that won’t bring me any closer to ordering. I am not interested in that. This only interests them. Before I buy, I want to find out which mattress I would need considering my weight, size and sleeping habits. What is the difference between a latex mattress and a foam mattress? What is the difference between HR foam and regular foam? How can I customize the mattress according to my needs and what do I have to look out for?

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Sometimes we get carried away. Even those of us who make their living by consulting companies and helping them shape their marketing approach or digital marketing automation. This is why it’s convenient to write down the rules or laws that we have to follow at our work. We create a checklist that will be our fallback when we’re creating a project for our customer. It helps us so we do not get carried away by new, non-proven ideas.

If you do not know how a buyer thinks, do not burden yourself with the rules of online growth

Yes, people act much differently online than in real life. Norms are also completely different when we cross the digital foothold. We can nevertheless attribute most of the (digital) marketing mistakes to the fact that companies talk to themselves and describe their products instead of solving the customers’ problems.

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