If you wait, you just might get stuck

Igor Pauletič / / Inbound Marketing

I am not the type of person that likes to look back. Nostalgia just isn’t my thing. I never think about how much easier and better things used to be or think much about the past in general. I constantly think about what is going to happen tomorrow, a year or even five years from now. All my imagination is focused on day-dreaming about the future and this is what keeps me motivated. Thinking about improving things and making them more elegant is only human, so I keep thinking about innovations and changes that could lead to a better future for me, my family, my companies, our customers, our customers’ customers and society in general.

Until 2010, I was working in an industry focused on preserving the past, and now it’s the other way around. It may sound strange, but FrodX wants to help companies “preserve” their future. In the past year, Miha and I (and the rest of the team that has grown significantly) realized that FrodX’s mission is helping our partners create changes that the future needs. Anything that our partners order from us is just a means to reaching that goal.

The future is not as kind as most people want it to be. It will require change. Click To Tweet

The future is not as kind as most people want it to be. It will require change. The need for change is on the rise and the required changes are becoming increasingly radical. More and more competitors are entering the game. New technologies and the hyper connectivity of today’s world enable almost anyone to quickly and easily enter the game. Tradition no longer counts for much in most businesses, only innovation and better offers for customers count. Even the ones who built their success on loyalty are forgetting its meaning.

Technology changed people. Global information availability has changed the behavior of end-buyers as well as business buyers. It is getting harder and harder to drive revenue just by having more information than the buyers. Innovation in customer relations is therefore the way forward for most companies. They will have to be much more transparent and emphasize partnership. This will require large investments in IT (whether we want to or not) and it will also trigger a large number of organizational and HR changes.

Innovation in customer relations is the way forward for most companies. Click To Tweet

Discussing the changed buying habits of buyers was only the beginning – tomorrow we will be discussing programs to increase customer engagement. A Customer Engagement Plan will become a key part of every company’s business strategy. Their success in realizing this plan will be the key difference between the success stories and the underperformers. We are witnessing an increasing level of commodization, and the differences between competing products and services are disappearing. Innovating in the area of customer engagement and a different approach throughout the customers’ lifecycle is therefore the most sensible (if not only) option. This is the crucial component that will differentiate you from your competitors.

In the beginning of this new year, I want for you to feel safe on this road to change and to turn your competitors into followers as soon as possible. We would be glad to help you with that.