Forget about marketing! The only thing that is important in our business is the price!

Igor Pauletič / / Sales

“Every business is all about the price, not only yours”. This is how I always answer such claims and this is how I will answer you.

If you contact the lead towards the end of his/her purchase process, this doesn’t leave enough time to explain the value of your product or service to them. You simply don’t have enough opportunities to make the customer understand, accept and properly evaluate this value.

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Are you even giving me the opportunity to recognize your value?

It’s true that your story needs a differentiator which you must try to define as an advantage, so you can present it as valuable in the eyes of the buyer. But value doesn’t only come from the technical characteristics of the product. Far from it. The fact is that all industries are under the influence of commodization. This is happening faster and faster. It’s only natural that everything is becoming more or less similar from afar, so it’s hard for the buyer to notice differences. The product itself is often not even that much different. Sometimes the only difference comes from accompanying services, usually customer care. Think about gas and electricity sales – the product is technically the same and there are no major differences in pricing. Or think about selling insulation in construction. Even harder. Among all my friends that have built a house, no one knows exactly what kind of insulation material they have. Far from being able to remember the brand or manufacturer of their insulation material. But something must have influenced their decision. If they haven’t been able to recognize other advantages of chosen materials or providers, it could have only been the price.

What is the value you provide and what is the purchasing process of your customers today?

Whichever way you look at it – if the buyer wants to recognize the advantages, you need to be able to communicate with him or offer him content that makes him recognize these advantages. One or the other – both demand a different approach than before. We have changed our buying habits and we can easily research even the smallest thing on the web or on social networks. This is faster, more elegant and less constricting. Personal contact with the provider comes too late in our purchase process, so they have no chance of influencing our choice and educating us. We are only interested in the price and delivery conditions. We have found everything else in the online content and on social networks. This is how things work in a world where any kind of information is globally available to an engaged buyer. Are you visible enough on its map?


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