Does your online store know how to sell as well as an excellent salesperson can serve a good customer in a physical store?


How to increase sales and the value of eCommerce clients without additional investments into advertising?

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The key elements to developing competitiveness today are increasing the COMFORT of the client and a better RELATIONSHIP with the client. These two elements can be further enhanced with a more effective management of the CONTEXT in which your clients are at each given moment.

It is the great salespeople in the physical store who make the biggest difference, because they can tailor the conversation with the client with the context in which the client finds themselves. Why couldn’t your online store do that too?

The traffic in your online store does not have to rely only on your investments in advertising. Discover how you can improve your customer experience by setting up automated event-based campaigns and omni-channel communication to increase your purchase values and more frequent purchases.

The webinar will be on Wednesday, 26. August 2020, at 3 pm

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From target-based to event-based campaigns with hyper-personalized contents in a single system

Automate campaigns that address each individual customer 1:1 and reach them at the right time, over their preferred communication channel or advertisement network, based on events that have been detected in their behaviour, past purchases, and their attitude to you and the products you sell.

Detecting customer interest and interest-based segmentation

Utilize your clients’ digital footprint to understand their interests and address them accordingly. The only relevant messages for the customer are those that relate to products they are interested in and that relate to their purchasing maturity.

Recommended products based on past purchases or past browsing in your online store

Know which product to promote at any given moment when communicating with the client, as well as the probability of them purchasing the product using preformulated prediction models that are based on the customer’s past purchases or their search history in your online store.

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I am extremely proud to co-operate with FrodX – a professional, successful, and dedicated SAP-partner. Together, we grow and develop our long-term strategy not only on a local but also regional market.

Our customers are exceptionally satisfied, since FrodX continually follows and implements new trends regarding changes of consumer habits and other significant changes in our field. Their wholesome B2B approach that consists of business consulting, implementation of the newest technology and, when needed, their marketing services is something our customers value the most.

They simply speak the same language as the users of our solutions and are focused on constantly providing clear business value. That guarantees them an incredible success and exceedingly satisfied customers on our markets!


Head of SAP Customer Experience,
SAP South East Europe


CEO & Co-Founder

From the very begging of Leanpay, we have had a successful co-operation with Frodx. Today, Leanpay is a well-established partner for a majority of Slovenian retailers, and FrodX had a substantial role in creating our value to both customers and retailers.

Their goal is simple – do not build a satisfied customer, build a loyal customer. Many consulting companies offer good strategies, but very few of them are able to offer their proper implementation.

And FrodX has done just that. They helped us with end-to-end service to build customer loyalty.

Integration of SAP Marketing solution, proper setting of the tool, campaign design and campaign management are just a few of the services that helped Leanpay to grow customer loyalty in Slovenia.


Igor PauletičAndrej Bergant, and Bojan Amon will share their extensive experience on how to establish a system for detecting a client’s context and how to automate your addresses to each individual customer through their preferred communication channel at the most suitable moment for them.


Igor is the co-founder of FrodX. As an experienced consultant, he helps his clients integrate the latest technological, business, and social trends into their business operations, most often in relation to developing new products and planning their sales channels and go-to-market strategy. At FrodX, he’s the one that comes up with new ideas and devises plans for changing the established ways of thinking and operating.



Andrej is the leading marketing automation specialist at FrodX and the head of its MarTech team. He creates advanced technological solutions to promote sales, using machine learning to enhance traditional e-commerce and CRM systems with various options, such as automated event-based campaigns for a hyper-personalized customer communication or intelligent customer recommendation systems. Andrej is one of the best technical experts on the SAP customer experience platform in the region.



Bojan has come a long way going from product management and content strategy design in media services to key account management at a global IT company, providing analytical and data solution. He wants the same thing for his clients that they want: to find the best way to communicate with the market or customers, partners, and suppliers by improving their marketing, product positioning, and content design. He has also published his first book this year.

Is this webinar for me?

The webinar will be interesting to anyone who deals indirectly or directly with marketing, advertising, and growth in companies with at least €1 million of revenue a year and who has ambitions to further growth.

In addition to eCommerce managers, the webinar will also be interesting to:

  • Sales directors,
  • Marketing directors,
  • Directors of business development.

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How to increase sales and the value of eCommerce clients without additional investments into advertising?

The webinar will be held in an online classroom. We will send you a link to the classroom in an e-mail.

This Webinar has Ended.

This Webinar has Ended.