Connections are crucial for business deals in almost all cases

Igor Pauletič / / Sales

The secret of successful salespeople is getting their customers to trust them and feel safe around them. I can honestly say it’s how I got my wife to marry me.

We are scared of responsibility while making purchase decisions

Let’s take a look at our thinking while buying something. Last week, I visited an exhibition in Cologne with one of our customers. We went to an unknown environment (at least 8 years have passed since my last visit to Cologne). They put me in charge of finding a restaurant where we could have dinner. Somewhere between the exhibition venue and the hotel, not too expensive, not Chinese food and not take-away. A whole bunch of conditions. Of course, I felt responsible – I didn’t want to let anyone down. I was looking for a safe choice – purchase decision. But I didn’t exactly have enough time to do my research. I also couldn’t call anyone for recommendations.

I had to choose a restaurant in an unknown environment twice last week, and both times my smartphone was able to help me. The »Nearby« button is great, I did a good job both times. Admittedly, our expectations were low, but we ended up eating quite well. The reviews and recommendations of strangers that the app finds on Tripadvisor, Yelp, Google and Facebook provided me with enough peace of mind while choosing a restaurant. The number of reviews played a key factor in my selection (I didn’t even consider restaurants with less than 30 reviews) as well as the information that the place was open. I read a few opinions and viewed some images of the restaurant and their dishes. Their website was not a part of my decision making process, since the information on my phone was enough for making the decision.

Connections keep the business going until the customer finds a better alternative

I have a similar task in the coming month. My 40th birthday party is coming and I’m going to invite my friends and family. It would be great to find a place where they could make us dinner and allow us to party until dawn. This decision is much too important to be based on online reviews by strangers. I’m looking for recommendations among friends and colleagues whose “tastes” I know and appreciate. I also want to experience the venue, food, drinks and the band for myself. Everyone should have a good time at my party.

The more responsibility our decision requires, the more we are inclined to choose proven providers. They might not be the best, but we know what to expect from them and what they can do. This is why I suddenly realized that I can trust our regular catering provider to find the venue. I’m also open to moving the date of the party a bit, so I can book the band that regularly plays at FrodX’s New Year’s afterparties. Choosing Trebello for the wine is also a home run. So in the end it turned out that the providers with best connections got my business. Most of all because I trust them and because I don’t have to try hard to work with them.

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Communicate and share your thoughts, so your customers can get to know you

If I’m on the other side – trying to reach a new customer, I’m well aware of the trust someone needs to place in me and my company to decide for change. After all, they have their “proven” suppliers that they already trust. Experience shows that recommendations by satisfied customers that are in touch with people working for our potential customer are the most helpful in this context. But those recommendations must be honest, we have to earn them. Recommendations by people who were never our customers aren’t worth much. Their best effect is probably creating some attention that we wouldn’t get otherwise.

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Luckily, recommendations aren’t the only way, just the easiest one. Their reach is limited by the company’s tradition, the number of its employees and their social circle. Our ability to connect with potential customers is therefore crucial for those of us who are only beginning to establish ourselves. Sharing our thoughts every week through our blog posts and newsletters with the public is most helpful to us, because people that follow our thoughts on our blog feel like they know us already even if we meet for the first time. Maybe knowing our way of thinking makes them feel safer. I’m certain that deciding to work with FrodX is easier for many of them because of this. Do you feel differently?

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