Generation Z’s Hula-Hoop

Tomaž LukmanInbound Marketing, Sales

Surely you didn’t think that here at the FrodX blog we’d ignore the toy that’s taken over the world in just a few months? Last year we were hunting Pokémons, but today, with its successor in my hands, I’m spinning the marvel that’s spread through schools, playgrounds, and offices faster than any childhood epidemic. Nobody had ever heard of them, … Read More

Digitization Killed the Marketing You Used to Be Good At

Igor PauletičSales

Product More than one hundred years ago, Henry Ford introduced the first conveyor belt assembly line for his Model T. Before that cars were a pretty rare and expensive product that only the richest people could afford. Through lower production costs resulting from the introduction of a conveyor belt, in 1925 Ford managed to decrease car production costs to USD … Read More

Insanity according to Einstein

Miha BreskvarSales

Sometimes it seems that in some areas everyone just keeps doing things the same old way. But, as Albert Einstein put it: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” A good friend of mine decided to start a new, nautical project: building boats. Most boat manufacturers, especially boutique producers, understand that uniqueness is … Read More

What is Mercedes-Benz doing to attract younger customers?

Mojca JagodicInbound Marketing, Sales

Do you think this ad is appropriate for their target audience? If you picture a typical buyer, climbing out of the car with his beer belly bulging under his ironed shirt, you will agree that this ad is completely off-target. An average Mercedes buyer is fifty-seven years old, whereas this particular ad targets kids, who sometimes can’t even afford to … Read More

Planica is bigger than Triglav

Tomaž LukmanInbound Marketing, Sales

You’re reading this after the three-day extravaganza in the Planica Valley has already ended, but I actually wrote it while the excitement before the ski flying weekend finale was reaching its climax. This is practically like a national holiday for Slovenians and includes all the activities that go with it. Luckily, there were no major incidents. So now it’s safe … Read More

Technology is Slowly but Surely Winning the Battle for Customers

Igor PauletičSales

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing that, every time I get in my car, my cell phone reports my destination, along with the expected time of arrival and the density of traffic on the way. I didn’t really pay much attention to it until I realized that the destination pops up even when I haven’t entered it in … Read More

Don’t waste my time

Mojca JagodicSales

If there’s something that really annoys me, it’s wasting time. A little while ago I had to sort out my temporary residence permit at the administrative unit. I’ve been living at the same address for more than a year, which means I only had to extend the permit, but I missed the deadline and so I had to submit the … Read More

Are you just meeting yesterday’s needs or developing new customer habits?

Igor PauletičSales

The more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that “great” things are only possible if you develop a new customer or user habit. If you focus your development efforts only on meeting an already familiar customer need in an already familiar way, you’re far from creating a global business megahit. Basically all your options rely more or less … Read More

Digital Transformation isn’t what you think it is, part 2

Igor PauletičSales

My last post, “Digital transformation isn’t what you think it is,” has been met with exceptional response. I took that as a hint that I need to write more about marketing and sales technology and the opportunities for new business models that new technologies offer, and to keep publishing stories about digitalization in practice. So, this is the start of … Read More