Why haven’t I called you yet?

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing, Marketing Automation

I’ve been haunted by a salesman for the last 5 weeks. He keeps calling me on the phone, sending text messages and emails. He didn’t come knocking on my doors yet, but he’s been persistent about it. This seems to be his goal since he believes that he only needs an hour of my attention to show me something that … Read More

No one cares about you!

Igor PauletičInbound Marketing

3 things bother me on FrodX’s website: You cannot figure out what FrodX is doing in 2 seconds.  It generates way too many DIY leads (these do not have potential – they only learn how to do something themselves). 4 out of 5 challenges we receive are sent by people who don’t really want our services or cannot afford them. … Read More

You have a useful quality product. Why don’t customers buy it?

Fedja HvastijaInbound Marketing

If your answer is “because of the price”, you are making a dangerous mistake. To understand the patterns of decision making, we have to dig into human nature. We have already established that we rely on the “primitive” parts of our brain which controls emotions when making decisions, rather than on our cerebral cortex (which supports our analysis and rational … Read More

At FrodX, we disqualify 75% of our leads

Fedja HvastijaInbound Marketing

A couple of months ago, I had a talk with my boss regarding marketing success measurement. We were trying to figure out how to measure success in marketing and how to define whether my paycheck should be doubled or cut in half. An absurd situation in a company where EVERYTHING is measured in marketing. The organization knows everything about their … Read More