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We are digital transformation consultants who use a well-tested model for implementing changes in your business operations. The internet and digitalization have changed people’s buying habits. We help you adapt your marketing, sales, and product development to these changes.

Are your company’s marketing and sales compelling enough that they would also attract you as a customer?

The digitalization that has been taking place over the past few years is leading to the next (fourth) industrial revolution. The key transformation began when people radically changed how they search for information.. Access to information has begun to thoroughly change people’s habits and consequently also the current economic model and society in general. This technological and social development is creating an environment that is gradually erasing the borders between the physical, digital, and biological.

These changes prompted the FrodX team to develop new expertise and seek out the technologies we can use to help companies like yours adapt their sales, marketing, and product development to the new buying habits of today’s hyperconnected and well-informed consumers..

Digital transformation is far from being just an IT challenge for the company. It demands a more general transformation of the company’s operations: its organizational or process structure, how it develops new products or business models, and especially how it wins, serves, and retains customers. We see it as a continuous process of implementing customer management changes, because today’s customers demand constant access to information and consider transparency the fundamental value of cooperation. Our key mission is to help you implement these changes.

We have the expertise and technology to implement changes comprehensively

The complementary expertise of our employees, who specialize in IT, economics, marketing and marketing communications, psychology, anthropology, and business, and who also represent diverse age groups, provides comprehensive assistance in implementing the changes your customers expect.

We are sought out by companies that can relate to at least one of the following four problems:

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We are an excellent partner to the management boards and executive staff responsible for business development, sales, marketing, and customer service in large and medium-sized enterprises that show clear ambitions for growth and are not afraid of appearing on global markets. Our cooperation with you always begins with a business challenge that we think about and analyze before our first meeting. If we come up with good ideas of how to tackle it, we are happy to share them with you at our introductory meeting. A challenge is what earns you the invitation to come have coffee with us.
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