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Too many companies, mostly in the service industry, still believe that they do not need a website or that a web presentation containing only their contact information and a presentation of the company is enough. Yes, in 2015.

I had a chance to speak to some of these managers and business owners in the last 3 weeks. Their main argument was that their service cannot be bought online, so they do not need more than just a web presentation.

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FrodX’s services cannot be ordered online and you cannot enter into a contract with us this way, but our web presence is still the main source where we get (or lose) our sales. Even though it may at first seem that we don’t even explain what we are doing, people who are trying to find inspiration for increasing sales usually become our regular readers. Those who like our way of thinking, our approach to solving challenges, sooner or later trust us with their business challenges. This is the key goal of our web presence. Draw leads with their challenges and define a wide outline for a solution. If the lead likes it and we find it feasible and profitable, we prepare an offer for its realization.

The fact is that we changed our buying habits. Not only the consumers who research and buy products for their own needs. The same is true in business – when we are buying something for our company, we wish to research available offers, check the providers, their references, their approach… We are looking for a credible and professional provider. Self directed buyers who wish to know everything about the product or service before they contact the salesperson are quite common nowadays. Mostly for one simple reason – information is so easily available. Everything is just a click away. If it’s online. But there are still businesses which think that their buyers have different buying habits from their own and that their company only needs a simple web presentation for 200 €.

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I will not quote research data stating what percentage of the purchase decision engaged customers make before they contact sales personnel. I want you to think about how you’re acting as a customer and why you didn’t even give a chance to some providers when you were exploring. Why did you disqualify them from your search? Even more directly – what does your website offer that will animate leads so strongly that they would like to contact you? A web presentation with contacts for 200 € definitely isn’t it. Quite the opposite – a lacking web presence will even take some value away from recommendations by satisfied customers.

If the recommendations by satisfied customers and the good name that accompanies them are not enough to satisfy your growth aspirations, a modern and well conceived web presence is the best available alternative. It plays a key role in the purchase process of your leads who look for solutions online and search, evaluate and compare different solutions. This is how they evaluate your professional competence and compare you to your competitors. Solely based on what they can read about you and them with a couple of clicks online. All of a sudden, a 200 € website doesn’t sound like a good idea, don’t you think?

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